This site is a personal project of Mr. Denis Linine living in Wallisellen, Switzerland.
The name of the site originates from the idea that it should be possible to build a WEB application allowing its user to build 2.5D models using a set of predefined templates and operations without spending a long time on learning.

A note about photogear.ch site/domain

For several years I ran a site using the photogear.ch domain name, closed it from the beginning of 2017 and decided to release the domain name immediately, expecting no trouble at all. To my surprise the domain name was quickly picked by someone and presently the site using the photogear.ch domain name appears to be an online store offering sportwear, which is quite a strange choice of the domain name for such a site, I would say.

Using the opportunity of launching the new site, I would like to state that I have no relation whatsoever to the photogear.ch domain name and www.photogear.ch site since the beginning of 2017.