3D Text - work in progress

The idea is to build a small "application", which woud allow the user to choose font, enter some text, convert the glyphs (letters) of the entered text into 3D geometry, render the latter by means of WebGL and save the resulting image. The work is currently in progress.

Obviously, one needs to be able to choose the font. Initially the site loads the Roboto Black font obtained from Google Fonts, there is a short list of other fonts obtained from there as well, or one can use a font file available locally on one's computer, provided that the employed here opentype.js library is able to parse it. BTW, fonts might be copyrighted, which should be taken into account by the user and I do not assume any responsibility for usage of the results of user interactions with this page.

One can use one of the fonts available from this site:
Or one can load a font from a font file from one's computer. An extensive collection of free fonts is available for downloading from Google Fonts

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Font sample

Font size Spacing adjustment Background color Fill color Stroke width Stroke color

Download PNG image file Download SVG file

The font sample above can already pretend to some would be usability: one can enter some text and play with the available settings, the result can be saved as a PNG or SVG file.

There must be a way to input the desired text. The user should be able to see all the glyphs available in the font and to use them. Therefore, usual keyboard input is not sufficient in such a scenario and one has to provide the user with some way to see and pick the glyphs of the font. At the same time, entering text using some glyph list is hardly convenient.

    To be continued