DJI Phantom 4 Pro Plus drone sample 4K footage and pictures

A DJI Phantom 4 Pro Plus quadrocopter drone in flight When I considered purchasing a DJI Phantom 4 Pro Plus drone, the main question was "What are its camera capabilities?" and "How does the aperture value in use affect the quality of the image delivered by its lens?". To find this out I needed a sample footage that would be shot under decent lighting conditions using the minimum ISO setting from a drone that did not fly during shooting, with a more or less adequate subject, and it should be downloadable in its original form. And, ideally, there should be a set of videos of the same subject shot with different aperture settings, while the value of the setting used needs to be known. I could find quite a lot of footage shot with DJI Phantom 4 Pro Plus, but nothing matching the requirements listed above. Thus, as I got the drone, I did some test videos to get a better idea about its camera, and decided to share some of the recorded footage to fill this gap for others who might be interested in samples of this kind.

The videos were shot from the Lindenhof park in the city of Zurich, Switzerland, delivering a subject close in its scale to the one a drone flying at about 30m altitude might see. The sun was more or less behind the camera, the weather was somewhat cloudy, delivering somewhat varying in time but not extremely contrast lighting. Since it was the fall season and the video was shot from a park, one can sometimes see leaves falling on the video - i.e, if one sees something small falling down in the video - it is not an artifact caused by a hardware defect or software bug, but just a mere falling leaf. I also noticed that being viewed in some video players the video might appear as having some glitches, for instance, irregular movement of the tram passing, which should probably be considered to be rather a player's issue. Due to lacking time I did not shoot videos using aperture values of 10 and 11.

Original videos can be downloaded from this Google Drive folder, the naming of the subfolders is self-explanatory. The videos were shot with ISO set to 100, style set to standard and EV correction of +0.3. Each folder contains a video file along with a picture taken before starting recording the video, in its RAW and JPG versions, they can also be used to get the information about those camera settings which are shared between photo and video modes and are saved into the image metadata and to evaluate capabilities. Picture style was probably set to landscape (I personally do not really care about it since I use RAW files only).

Licensing: one can use the videos and photographs for personal evaluation purposes. They may not be published anywhere. One of the reasons of this limitation is today's legal madness combined with the fact that videos show people and signage.

The article was created on 24.10.2017, last modified on 24.10.2017